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Welcome to Room 3!

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Welcome to computer class! All classes taught in the computer lab: Computer Applications in Business A/B, Web Development I/II, and AP Computer Science Principles, meet International Standards for Technology Education (ISTE) and Career Technical Education Standards (CTE), and are offered within the Hart District Business/Computer Technology Pathway. The courses meet practical art and general elective credit requirements. The Class Syllabus provides an overview of the classes and the Class Rubric provides grading guidelines.

Bowman students have many opportunities to learn and update their technology skills using up-to-date equipment and the latest industry-standard software. I hope all of my students enjoy their studies in Room 3 and learn the digital literacy skills needed to succeed in college, the workplace, and in life:)

Learn more about Digital Literacy, what it means to be a Digital Citizen and how to Be Safe OnLine!

CTE Defined

Hart District Career Education

The mission of the Hart District Career & College Readiness Department is to provide rigorous career pathways and resources that prepare students with the academic and employability skills for the careers of tomorrow.

The Vision of the Hart District Career & College Readiness Department is to prepare all students to participate in the future workforce and post-secondary education required to attain their career goals.


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