Home of the Bulldogs

The mission of Bowman High School is to provide a safe haven where everyone is valued and all staff, in partnership with parents and families, is committed to doing what it takes for students to achieve academic success, as guided by state standards. Students are empowered to meet future challenges and to develop social awareness, civic responsibility, and personal growth so they will be active and informed participants in the global community.

Our SMART Goals

Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

Achieve Academic Proficiency in reading, writing and math by
  • Standards Based Instruction
  • Critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Technology and literacy strategies integrated throughout the
  • Academic intervention program
Communicate Effectively by
  • Writing with organization, focus, and coherence
  • Reading with comprehension, analysis, and insight
  • Speaking with a command of standard English conventions
  • Working in teams to achieve common goals
Demonstrate growth in Character Development by
  • Making positive choices, observing laws and working in the community
  • Cooperating and showing respect, empathy, and tolerance of individual differences
  • Acknowledging the historical contributions of diverse ethnic, racial, and religious groups
  • Exercising their rights, duties, and privileges of citizenship both locally and globally
Explore Future Opportunities by
  • Acquiring the skills needed to meet their personal, academic, and vocational goals
  • Developing and pursuing short and long term goals and creating steps to accomplish them
  • Actualizing their self worth and potential by realizing their talents and aptitudes
  • Utilizing a variety of resources including technology and school/business partnerships to obtain information about post- secondary options.

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