Killed by Death

Motorhead early years

In the early 70's Lemmy frasier kilmister was frontman bassist for the band Hawkwind also being a roadie for other bands. In 1975 after playing a concert a fan gave Lemmy a bag of pills, when crossing the american canadian he was stopped by border patrol and arrsted for having ilegal drugs on him. Hawkwind left him in jail and went on to do concerts on their own. When they couldnt hire a bassist in time they had to go back and get Lemmy from jail to only fire him a few days later after playing concerts with them.Lemmy was angry at the thought of getting fired. With all the anger in him all he though was "revenge,reprisal,retaliation". Sneaking into hawkwinds warehouse on night to steal their equipment, Lemmy then started his own band with the song he had written for Hawkwind now becoming his. Naming his band the title of the song "Motorhead". He went on to only become bigger than Hawkwind ever was. Sadly his career in music came to an end in December 28 of 2015 in his short battle with cancer.




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