Why I Like to Skate

I like to skateboard because I grew up doing it and its fun to do with friends. I like the culture of it and it’s a fun activity to do a lot.

Skateboarding is a fun activity that lots of people enjoy. It has been around for a long time and it has developed its own culture that many people follow.

Thrasher is a skateboarding magazine, that has made skateboarding a lot more popular

I have been skateboarding off and on since I was about 8. I can do some tricks, but mainly I use my skateboard as a form of transportation.


Skateboarding has recently gotten very popular. It wasnt as popular in the 70s and 80s back wen it first started evolving.

If you are interested in skateboarding, there are a few cool things you should check out. Thrasher is a skateboarding magazinee with lots of cool pictures. They also hav a website with clothes, videos, and other cool stuff on it. Also, another place to watch skateboarding videos would be youtube, you will never run out of cool videos to watch there.

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