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History Behind Dreams

In 1953 Aserinsk and Kleitman conducted the first experiment on dreams. This experiment helped us have a better understanding on why and how we dream. They were the first to discover what rapid eye movement is, also known as REM sleep. While we are experiencing REM we are in the deepest part of our slumber, it's also the stage in our sleep where we're most likely to move around and dream. After this study was made, scientists became more interested in the concept, and and made their own experiments.

Dream interpretation date back to 3000-4000 B.C, curiosity seems to always have surrounded the subject. In some societies, members were unable to tell the difference between the dream world and the waking world. Or they chose to make no distinction . They saw that the dream world was not only an extension of reality, but a world where you are in complete control. They used to see dreams as a message from the Gods, or the dead. On the other hand, the Chinese used to view dreaming as your soul escaping your body and entering its new reality. They were superstitious to the point where they wouldn't want to be woken up unexpectedly, because they believed their soul could get lost.