Exploring Your Future!

It's never too early to explore your career and post-secondary options! Why not start now?

Jobs Made Real

Jobs Made Real is an amazing resource for exploring 1000 jobs, includes personal interviews and facts about careers

Below are a few of my favorite career exploration Web sites offered on the Hart District Career Center Web site where you can find job and volunteer opportunities, careers and opportunities in the military, college and trade school options, and more!

"OOH" Offers Research Based Career Information:

When researching a career, I recommend the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) for its solid research-based guide to hundreds of occupations published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The OOH offers facts about projected growth, median pay (by geographical location), education for entry level, and more. It offers information about "highest paying" jobs in addition to "fastest growing" and "most new jobs." Check out the OOH today:

California College System:

When exploring and researching careers, it is important to gather information about the education needed for entry level placement and for advancement.. Once you know the education needed for the career your are interested in pursuing, then it is time to research your post-secondary options to discover what college(s) offer the courses/certificates/degrees you will need.

The California college system is one of the finest in the nation. It is based on a three-tier system of higer education (see Wikipedia). Following are links to information and maps for the California Community Colleges, California State Universities (CSU), and University of California campuses (UC):

Happy Exploring! I am available to answer any questions you may have (see me in class or contact me by email). You may also want to talk with Bowman's counselors re financial aid and to make sure you are taking the classes in high school that you will need to succeed in college or in an apprenticeship, internship, or other post-secondary educational option.